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Crea Mix is a formula of 10 different types of Creatine that gives you 5g of creatine per scoop. Although Creatine occurs naturally in the body and comes from food sources like beef, increasing the levels of creatine stored in your muscles, is a good idea, if you regularly do resistance training. Creatine is used by the body in order to supply energy to cells (especially brain and muscle cells). Approximately 60-70% of the total creatine in muscles is stored in the form of creatine phosphate, which functions as part of the ATP-CP energy system. Creatine’s actual function is to accelerate the process that generates cellular energy (ATP), which increases the amount of work muscle cells can do. Since creatine is an osmotically active substance, having more creatine being shuttled directly into muscle cells, leads to more water being pulled inside cells. This is to your benefit because it can trigger an immediate anabolic response: Whereby muscle cells quickly expand due to the influx of water (cell volumization), and protein synthesis is stimulated (new muscle fiber growth) to fill up the intracellular space.

Workout Days: Take 5grams with breakfast and 5 grams 30minutes before your workout.

Non Workout days: Take 5grams with breakfast You are recommended to drink Crea Mix with fruit juice, as the simple sugars in the drink promote absorption.