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double mega mass
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In order to increase your volume, your body needs a lot of calories, protein and work out intensively. Without any of them you will not achieve the max With the double mass package you double the benefits!

Mega Mass is the ultimate product for increasing your muscle mass!  is a balanced combination of complex carbohydrates and high quality protein, which will help you increase the amount of calories you consume daily. But all calories are not the same, so megamass only needs the body to feed the muscles and grow, more calories, more protein, more complex carbohydrates more fiber, better taste and less sugar, cholesterol and saturated fat almost zero. Contains a mixture of complex carbohydrates that are absorbed at different rates, resulting in gradually releasing the energy your body needs to supply your workouts, while also replacing glycogen reserves. In addition, keeping insulin at a high level is ensured, thereby enhancing its anabolic action. Whey Protein (WPC80) serves the needs of your muscles and helps restore them after intense workout.

  • Fast, Medium, Slow Carbs + Vitagro + OAT
  • Low sugar content, gluten and zero saturated

dosage: one dose (2 scoop = 60g), 3 times a day between meals. One dose make sure it is just after training. Mix with water, milk or whatever you want. ); 

Packaging: 2 kg